Moving to Rails!


Well, been over a year since I last made a post on here lol, a whole lot has happened since, (and unfortunately no bbs yet, sorry). I learned a bit of ruby and rails over the last summer(and made a fun little site, piaday. Hopefully over the next few weeks to a month I should be moving this site over to rails as well! This will mean that it is much easier for me to add content to it, and I can make the design a lot more sleek :) (don't worry though, I'll keep with the same style, it will just be a bit less hacked together). With any luck, this will also force me to update the site more often, so winning all around! I am quite busy right now with school work though, so it may take some time, but hopefully I'll get it done sooner rather than later (I would guess during winter break at the latest). I will also probably implement a very basic blog-type system to various parts of the site along with it, so people can leave comments and questions should they have any, without the need to email me.

Before the move I will probably upload this site to github or something similar so that it and all of it's pure handwritten html can be preserved for all time :3


Possible BBS Comming to my Server


I've always been interested in old technology, as I believe that no one can truly understand new technology and how it works without delving deep into the technology that started it all. As such, I will likely be hosting a telnet bbs on my server. It may take a few weeks to gather the software necessary(or write my own ;) ), but I hope to get it up sometime in the near future. I will also still be uploading more and more content when I get the chance(I'm currently up to work I did about 2 years ago, so still a lot to go). It is getting harder now though, as I just increased my hours at work.

New (Old) Content


Hot on the heals of my grand opening, there is some new (old) content in both the projects and download sections. And, while the Under Construction messages on most of the pages have been removed, please do remember that this site is brand new, and that there may still be many problems throughout, and that the look may change at random(though I am quite happy with its current look, so I will likely keep it the same.

Grand Opening!


Hello World! Welcome to my site, here you will find my blog, projects, games to download, favorite links, contact info, info about me,and tons more. I hope to put up how too's for every one of my projects along with downloadable source code and schematics. I might also put up some videos and programming guides. I hope you enjoy your stay here! Please report any problems to me, you can find my info in the email page. This page will be used for major updates to the site, smaller updates can be found in the blog.



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