More Content Soon


Don't worry, I'll be adding more and more and more content almost every day, as I'm currently going through all my old projects, updating and uploading them, pretty soon this will be filled with tons of great projects. I'm also still working on the formatting for these, so bear with me if things change suddenly

Entourage Edge Gapps Backup


gapps backup for eDGe - Use the files here along with the guide here for getting android market working on your EE/PE

Entourage Edge Forum Backup


Edge forum Backup - The latest(sadly incomplete :() backup of the edge forums that I know of, just in case they go down any time soon(I'll try to update this weekly while they are up.

My First Microcontroller Project Code


Blinking LED Project Downloads - here you can find the source code along with some pictures on how to wire up your own Blinking LED project, as well as a tutorial in the future.

DS Hacking FAQ Download


DS Hacking FAQ Downloads - here you can find the downloads for my ds hacking faq found in the projects section. There is only a .txt and .zip file(containing the .txt), but it may be of interest to someone...



Android Market for Edge - Download the gapps backup I made for the EE/PE
Edge Forum Backup - Download the (sadly incomplete) backup of the edge forums
Blinking LED - Download source code for my Blinking LED Project
DS HackingFAQ - Download my DS Hacking FAQ