AVR Programming Cradle


AVR 20-pin programming cradle picture

This is an old AVR Programming cradle with a 6-pin header for using an AVR programmer like the TinyISP from adafruit( link). I found the guide on instructables(link). On my first attempt I made the PCB too small for the 20-pin socket. At the time I was new to PCB manufacturing, and the fact that I was using a school printer(I didn't and still don't own a laser printer) didn't help. So I had to use some protoboard and jumper wires. It doesn’t look that great, but at least it works. I also did not have long pin sockets like in the tutorial, so I tried soldering headers to the pins comming off the socket, however it didn't really work as I had hoped, so I can't program while plugged into a breadboard as I'd hoped, but it works nevertheless.

AVR 14-pin programming cradle picture

This other cradle is a more recent one I made for use with 14-pin AVR's that have a different layout than the 20-pin ones(I would be able to use 8-pin AVR's with the other cradle with some modifications, but not 14-pin). It's slightly wider because I was just using up some scrap board as I needed it in a hurry, though I do plan on re-doing both of these with proper circuit boards. I did not follow a tutorial for this one, but rather just used the pin descriptions from the data sheet, using a similar layout to my previous attempts. Also, this time I did have a long-pin socket and this cradle is able to be plugged into a breadboard while also being programmed(and it allows me to use the ISP for power in low-power projects).



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