More Content Soon


Don't worry, I'll be adding more and more and more content almost every day, as I'm currently going through all my old projects, updating and uploading them, pretty soon this will be filled with tons of great projects. I'm also still working on the formatting for these, so bear with me if things change suddenly

AVR Programming Cradle


AVR Programming Cradle - The home-made cradles I use to program 20- and 14-pin AVR Microcontrollers using a 6-pin ISP header for use with an ISP like the TinyISP from adafruit.

My First Microcontroller Project


My Blinking LED Project - My first ever project using an attiny2713 microcontroller, an LED, a battery, a breadboard, and some jumper wires. Expect a tutorial here soon as well.

Nintendo DS FAQ


DS Hacking FAQ - And old (very old) guide/FAQ I wrote on how to hack the Nintendo DS, may be outdated as I have left 90% of it in its original form. The formatting may be a bit odd as I have not yet gotten around to updating it to html, but you can download the original .txt file in the downloads section.



AVR Programming Cradle - And Old AVR Programming cradle I made.
Blinking LED - My Blinking LED Project w/ attiny2713
DS HackingFAQ - An old FAQ I wrote.